Hey, all! time for another review of one of my classmates. This time, I’ll be looking at Alyssa Lalani’s self-titled portfolio site.

Now, considering Alyssa is a design student, I’m not surprised that this looks really good right off the bat. It’s simple, it’s easy to navigate, and the hierarchy of posts makes sense: title, short description, portfolio, specialties, and a contact tab at the bottom.

The one thing I noticed right off the bat was a little grammatical error in the description: “I am interested in exploring the intersection art and technology” should definitely have an of somewhere in there, but in case you couldn’t tell, it’s a minor nitpick because, really, there’s nothing wrong going on here. There’s an About page that’s charming and to the point, the Contact link leads to a contact page, the Portfolio link leads to a portfolio page…

But admittedly, that’s where the first problem came about. Navigationally speaking, that’s where things get a bit confused. I don’t really see the point to a portfolio page, if the portfolio is already there when you open the site up. There’s nothing wrong with opening up on a static page, but again, that portfolio doesn’t have to appear twice.

Also, I wish it was easier to access the blog. The menu is hidden up in the right corner, and I kind of wish it stood out more, considering that’s where so much of the information is. Like, I remember being worried at first, because I couldn’t find the blog. I thought, “Am I going to have to review a good portfolio site based on how good it is as a blog?”

Again, I’m nitpicking. I’m nitpicking because this is a very good site. But yeah, I guess the major revisions would just be a question of avoiding navigational issues and redundancy with the portfolio. Otherwise, I don’t really have any complaints! The site serves its purpose, and the portfolio is lovely. I think my favourite thing there is either the omelette game or the kinetic typography. Maybe I’m biased because I’m considering the comms/IAT joint major, but I think this stuff is really neat, and I know enough to know when it’s done right.

It’s done right in this case, absolutely. It demonstrates Alyssa’s work and goes into details of the process, which is always appreciated. I can’t wait to see what else she makes!