So, as I mentioned in a recent post, Andrew McLuhan is holding a contest for a Distant Early Warning playing card set. And all we had to do was write all about how fucked things are.

Here’s one of many posts about that. Introducing… my 2020 workspace.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “There’s a lot going on here.”

And, yeah, you could say that. But I swear, every little item here has a purpose.

For example, that entire shelf about my laptop? Fidget toys. A whole bunch of fidget toys. I have squishies, fidget spinners, worry stones, and a whole bunch of other things that keep my hands occupied while I’m on a call. See, I’m neurodivergent, in case you haven’t noticed, and one thing about this is that my body craves movement. Throughout the day, I often get up and pace around my room, letting my thoughts run wild. It’s a lot of fun.

But it’s also not very socially acceptable during Zoom calls. So I fidget.

Below that, you can see my laptop, which is now my central hub for all work, play, and academia. On the left you can see my mic, which I bought to use for recording music and the like but now use every day to talk to my peers, a notebook for notes, and also a little SFU sheet, just so I don’t forget that, yes, all these hours spent with talking heads are academic work.

To the right are my physiotherapy weights and a glass of water, because health is important. I have some joint inflammation, and do daily exercises to keep my wrists functional. I also try to stay hydrated. You can also see my agenda in this shot! Which is, as always, obscenely packed.

Speaking of, I have another call to get to. Until next time!