So, last week, I kinda went off about comparing and contrasting different analytics tools in different social media forms and stuff.

Today, we looked at Google Analytics in particular. Y’know, the analytics tool attached to this very blog.

I learned a lot of things: just how many visitors I get, how long they stay, that I have a middle-of-the-road bounce rate, what a bounce rate is, and so on.

What I enjoyed the most was probably the audience behaviour tab, which showed exactly which paths site visitors took. It’s weirdly satisfying, following users on their little adventures. Like watching someone tour around a gallery show you’ve put together!

One of these paths belonged to a Ukranian bot! Fun, right?

It’s wild being able to access some of the other things, too. Like the exact type of smartphone someone is using.

We also talked about Google, because that’s inevitable in any talk about analytics and SEO. Google, as my prof said, is the “queen bee” of the latter.

And, to be fair, SEO is a big deal. It’s worth talking about. It gets you where you need to be. You can learn what keywords are being used in your kind of content a whole number of ways, too: comparing to other sites in your niche, using specialized cites, and probably more.

Now, my blog is a hot mess (I’ll get into why in either an upcoming process post or my next essay. Get excited, I talk about vulnerability and mental illness), but I imagine I’d use phrases like “art tips”, “writing tips,” “emerging artist,” or “art advice”… things along those lines. Heck, I might try adding them to my home page.

And of course, another nifty trick with SEO is getting a lot of link activity with reliable sources. Get that network flowing. I link sources here pretty liberally to whatever I’m talking about, so I’ve got that down. As for other places linking me? Well, maybe someday. A gal can dream.

But let’s look back at Google. Again, it’s SEO royalty. There’re other search engines, but really, do you want to pick getting into Bing’s good graces over Google’s?

Also, there’re lots of ways to get INTO Google’s good graces. If you used Google Plus (haha, remember that?), or using the link shortener, it’d help you out in the long run.

Another direct quote from my prof: “You want to make Google happy. You want it to reward you.”

Do you ever think about how wacky Google is? Like, really, it’s THE monopoly. And it’s always expanding what it does. It’s a search engine, a social media, a phone, it has apps… it’s insane.

I guess we allow it because it does its job just that well.

(Save for Google Plus.)

One day, maybe, it won’t have all the power it does.

If that happens, maybe using Ecosia will be a bit more commonplace.

I guess we won’t know unless it happens, huh?

Until next time.