I don’t know why, but I’d thought that by this point in the semester, I would’ve had this whole blogging thing figured out.

Needless to say, that isn’t the case. I’m still absolutely floundering with the creation of this online space, its purpose, and its audience.

Especially its audience. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of us are having that struggle. Like, how do I make content that’s worth leaving behind the social media bubble?

It’s a question I think we all struggle with. Why do a movie reviewing blog when people can check Letterboxd? Why do a cooking blog when there’s Pinterest?

And in my case, why talk about writing and recommend new shows when you can easily join Facebook groups for those both?

I feel like I have to prove to my audience (my very small but very appreciated audience) that I’m worth the visit. Whoever they are. I imagine a lot of them are artists themselves, or at least interested in the process. Why else would they care about one particular creator’s tips and trials? I have a lot of experience, but there’s always gonna be someone with more. There’re definitely other artsy lesbians out there having the times of their lives.

So, how do I work with that?

Honestly, I just try not to think about it. A few weeks ago, we talked about how every website is like a house. The way I see it, most of us post most of our stuff on social media. Metaphorically, I’m heading over to, say, Instagram, for example, to post stuff. Or Facebook. Or Twitter. And so on.

But this blog? I made it myself. I guess it’s kind of like… a house-based platform. Kind of like a home salon.

Fun fact: I went to one of these to get my hair done for prom.

But just because it’s based in a house doesn’t mean it’s not got something to say, if that makes sense?

This is my little house salon. And I might not have the fancy expensive tools, but I do my thing in a way no one else does.

And really, what other reason do I need to make something? To publish things? No one else is saying what I’m saying. That’s enough. You can’t get this specific kind of content anywhere else. I have a whole unique life experience, after all.

Where else are you going to get someone who doles out my specific advice, makes my specific art, and gives my specific media recommendations?


And so, my audience knows what they want, and in theory will come here because you can’t find this kind of content anywhere else.

I like to think my advice has value, and my art has charm, and my recommendations make me look like I have good taste in things. Like, I’m okay if I look a bit pretentious. (But not too pretentious.)

I don’t know who exactly my audience is, but I know my content has a brand, and I know that it’s gotta appeal to someone. So, yeah.

And even if it only appeals to one other person, at least we’re both having fun in my little digital salon.