So! As I’m sure you lovely people saw last week, I did a Peer Review of a classmate’s blog. They also reviewed mine! And I’ve spent a good chunk of this week trying to make this site even better. So, this is gonna be a look at and reflection of all the things I tweaked.


In theory, colour isn’t that difficult a fix. In practice, I’d kind of shot myself in the foot. See, I have a browser extension that applies a “Dark mode” to every single page I visit. It’s easier on my eyes, which is super important in an era of everything being online.

What I didn’t know? This also applied to my own website, even while I customized it. What looked great to me looked objectively terrible to everyone else. Like, here’s what I see when I open my site right now:

It’s a lot easier on my eyes, but I guess I didn’t think about what it’d look like to someone on a default browser setting. So, this was a practice in empathy. You’ll notice that’s a running theme in my revisions.

(Also, you’ll notice I’ve added more tabs to my site menu! I hope that makes navigation easier. Again, empathy.)

Post Format

As you may have noticed in my previous outward post, I’m trying a new format: TIP, TRIAL, AND RECOMMENDATION.

I feel like this’ll serve readers more than my somewhat incoherent rambles. It divides every article into three little parts: a piece of advice, something I tried making, and something I’m recommending, whether it’s a movie or a comic book or something.

It’s honestly also given me much more structure! I work more efficiently and I’m happier with the end products.


I’m going to be using more images, hopefully. The home page of the website looks a bit awkward with only some posts having images, and that’s fortunately a quick fix. For example, I found this lovely picture of a lightbulb on Unsplash, and I think it could be a great constant for Process Posts like this, which are so heavily based on reflection.

Overall, this peer review was a great experience, as it let me put myself in the shoes of my audience. I can often get stuck in my head and surge forward in creative endeavours without thinking about audience reception. This is good in the early drafts and such, and I truly do think indulgence has its place in any craft, but… that place isn’t in the end product you’re sharing with others.

At least, not to the scale you neglect those peoples’ needs.

If that makes sense? I’m not sure.

In short, I want this to be a good experience for everyone, not just me. And I hope with these changes, I’m a step closer!

Until next time.