So, it’s been a week.

I find myself saying that way too often. Honestly, it’s bold of me to say, considering weeks don’t really mean much to me anymore. The only reason I know it’s Tuesday is because I had a class this morning.

As a rule of thumb, the only reason I ever know what day it is comes down to what call I have that day. Because I have calls on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I’m not gonna lie, it gets monotonous. It was monotonous a month ago, and I’m only now about halfway through this semester. If I lose it, I think that’s my right. I think that’s everyone’s right.

But I’m coping. So let’s get into it.

TIP: Playing With Maddeningly Self-Indulgent Trash.

So, I’m a bit of a workaholic. Like, this shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me. I produce weekly content for social media, I work for both my school paper and school radio, I’m in probably a dozen clubs, I’m taking three classes, I’m revising my novel, I’m usually in some kind of arts mentorship, and I also regularly release music.

So, what do I do to take my mind off things?

I make more stuff. Duh.

Now, I know. That sounds objectively insane. But stay with me!

I really like creating. But sometimes, I falter, because I’m fixated on the end product.

“This has to be good, because people are going to read it,” I tell myself. “I have to make good things to release.”

Now, what if I made something maddeningly self-indulgent I had no desire of sharing with anyone else beyond my immediate circle?

One piece of advice always given to anxious wrecks like myself is to live in the moment. And while that doesn’t always work when you’re creating something to publish by a deadline, it works with the craft itself when there aren’t any real consequences to making something objectively not good.

Sometimes, you just churn out ten pages about your Dungeons and Dragons character and her ex-wife. Sometimes, you record yourself saying something silly and play with it in an audio editor until you can’t recognize your own voice. Sometimes, you take out your synth and try making experimental music because hey, every once in a while it’s nice to make something weird.

I’m not saying I’ve done these things. Except I totally have.

And one of those things actually turned out pretty good! Which brings me to…

TRIAL: Experimental Music?

So, have I talked about my QChord yet?

This is my QChord. I’ve lovingly nicknamed her Tecna, after the Winx Club character. Why? Well, she’s from the early 2000s, and she’s purple. Winx Club is from around 2004, and the character Tecna is not just purple, but technology-themed. In short, best possible name for a synth.

The Y2K vibes here are so powerful.

I’ve had Tecna since the start of this year, and it feels like I’m still learning new tricks, because of how the synth is set up. Basically, the QChord is a digital guitar. It has a bunch of buttons that correspond to chords, and that silver band in the middle is its “strumplate.” So, you get a sound like this.

But the thing about the QChord? It has about 100 different strumplate sounds. You can even do percussion on the thing!

This week, I decided kind of on a whim to play with more of the less conventional sounds. I wanted to make something unique.

And, well… I ended up with this. Don’t ask me what it is, but know I had fun. And maybe I’ll do more!

Anyways, onto the last part of today’s entry.

RECOMMENDATION: There is no reason for you to have not seen The Good Place at this point

So, the last season of The Good Place finally made it onto Netflix. I first learned of this about two weeks ago.

I’m now almost done rewatching the show. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and overall it’s become a source of comfort like no other. Some of these episodes I first watched years ago, and in a way it kind of feels like meeting up with an old friend.

Also, it’s just a very… cozy show. From the bright colours to the sincere relationships to the overarching theme of just… people being good to each other. It’s all very optimistic.

And it’s one of very few shows where, if you asked me, I couldn’t pick a favourite character. Like, there’re easily three or four that could take home my heart.

They’re all so perfect.

The show ended back in January, which for a number of reasons feels like a decade ago. And because of how speedy culture is these days, some jokes already feel kind of dated (like the Logan Paul reference in Season 3, which simultaneously aged like milk and wine).

But still, it might be one of my favourite shows ever and I’ve been meaning to rewatch it. Its reckless optimism about humanity’s inherent goodness is reassuring in such troublesome times.

Anyways, I’m off to finish Season 3.

Until next time.