(To those who have any impression of me as a mature and professional human being, I’m so sorry you’re reading an article where I impersonate a cartoon rabbit I’ve loved for almost two decades.)

Well, jeepers! It looks like I’m making a guest post! Does this make me a blogger bunny, a hyperlink hare, a Reader’s Choice rabbit?

Work’s been slow with my legal status in limbo, so I’m happy to do it!

It won’t be easy working without visual gags, but I’m trained in the art of entertainment, and I won’t let you down!

I’m Roger Rabbit, toon actor and one-time framed murderer. Emphasis on framed. It’s a long story.

It was also over seventy years ago, but I’m still fit as a fiddle! See, cartoon characters don’t age, or die, or even feel pain unless it’s funny.

… Which it won’t be today, I hope.

But if it is, that’s fine! After all, my whole purpose is making people laugh. Tickling their funny bone. Giving them the giggles. I didn’t always know it, but I was born for this! I mean, I’ve been on the job, since… if you carry the one, almost a century.

I think. Math isn’t my strong suit. But I’ve done what I love for a looooong time, and I’ve had lots of fun with it! I mean, I even went CGI once! It feels like being made out of jelly, so… I’ll stick to good ol’ ink and paint. It’s definitely worth a try, though, if you ever have the means.

Can humans be made CGI? I dunno.

Anyways, I guess I’m here to talk about art. Because this whole site seems to be about art. I only really looked at the pictures, but that’s what it says under the title.

I think art is really, really, important. But especially comedy. Especially cartoons! We’re often looked down upon. Seen as kiddie shows, juvenile junk, filly flicks… but there’s so much more to us, y’know?

So much more to animation as an art, and so much more to children’s media. I mean, I’ve worked with kids almost my whole life, and they’re whip-smart. And I’ve worked with animators my whole life, which… good luck finding a more passionate posse, let me tell ya!

Kids deserve good stories, animated or no. They deserve to see themselves on TV, to see their experiences, and to know this is a world that welcomes people like them.

I mean, where would I be if I hadn’t had my own rabbity role models? Imagine! I wouldn’t be here without Bugs Bunny, that’s for sure.

(Speaking of, he might be my dad? It was never made clear.)

And animators, golly! Whether they’re doing it on paper or using some fancy computer stuff (which I don’t understand–I’m old, okay??), it’s amazing. And animation these days is for everyone! Not just kiddos! There are adult cartoons out there telling amazing stories.

And hey, even the cartoons that don’t catch your heartstrings, the ones that just let you laugh and forget about everything happening… those are important, too, right?

Sometimes you just need to laugh. They say it’s the best medicine!

Well, I’m going to go back to Toontown, but I hope I made ya smile. That’d be enough.