You know it’s bad when your class opens with people talking about how they’re going to cope with Election Night. Top choices included comfort food, watching movies, and overall just distracting ourselves.

We’re Canadian.

That would be funny if it wasn’t so depressing.

Let’s get into it.

Tip: The Power of Retrospectives

I’ll be real, I think I’m approaching a burnout.

This will surprise absolutely no one who knows me. I have a midterm this week, another midterm next week, just finished a month-long art prompt challenge, and am overall probably piling work onto myself at a rate best described as “unnecessary.”

I’m slipping, and I know it. It’s hard to get out of bed, I keep failing to answer people who text me, and just today I completely forgot about an entire Zoom call.

It’s probably the time of year. Days are getting shorter, and that gets everyone down.

I started feeling straight-up worthless. I looked at all the things I had on my plate, and it became a pile of my failures.

You know what helped?

I looked at everything I’ve done already, and this year, there’s been a lot. I stayed BUSY this quarantine.

Sure, I’m a bit overwhelmed about midterms and project due dates, but I’ve survived worse. I’ve achieved bigger. And I’m still that person who did all those things! I’m just a bit groggier because Daylight Savings punched me in the teeth.

I guess that’s my tip for this week. We all have our moments of doubt, don’t we? Moments where our trek gets too steep.

When you stumble, turn around. Marvel at how far you’ve come.

man looking on mountain sitting on rock
Like this guy, who I found on Unsplash.

Trial: Flavours of Engagement

This week, I tried animation for the first time. I put a 40-frame flipbook together, for one of my classes.

I’ll be real: it was the most stressful, tedious, and outright enraging thing I’ve done in a long, long time. And I’m a full-time university student.

I really do think it’s important to try as much as you can, and I’d always been intrigued by animation. Even today, I have an undying love of cartoons as a medium. I could write a whole essay about animation’s merit as a mode of storytelling for both young and old.

But I know for sure I’d never survive a whole career of this.

Hours of work, ten seconds of payoff. This is horrible.

All that said, I can check it off the bucket list! And really, I think there’s a lot of value in doing things just to see what it’s like. I mean, I picked up flute on a whim and, 8 years later, it’s become one of my favourite things.

And you know what? As I mentioned, I’m exhausted right now. But I can look back at last month where I put together a whole forty-page flipbook. I did forty whole drawings and made them consistent enough they fool the human eye!

… Kind of.

Rec: The ONE series that makes me care about football.

So, I’m not a big sports fan. Like, at all. My father watches football, and I’m the killjoy who’ll chime in as I pass by about the lifelong brain damage in its players.

I don’t care much for hockey, either. Or soccer. Or basketball. I’m just not a sports fan.

But you know what I think is a national treasure everyone needs to check out?

17776, or What Football Will Look Like in the Future.

I read this back when it came out, and it somehow ended up on my class’s reading list for the week. I’m not sure exactly why it’s here, but I eagerly reread the whole thing, and then read the sequel that came out last month, and now I’m waiting for the update in 2021.

I guess I should probably explain what 17776 is. That’s… easier said than done.

Without spoiling too much: 17776 takes place in a distant future where humans no longer die or reproduce. Over thousands of years, they’ve come up with interesting ways to keep themselves busy.

Like football, which is virtually unrecognizable but also, in my opinion, way more fun.

Also, the entire thing is narrated by sentient spacecrafts.

17776: What football will look like in the future by Jon Bois
Everyone say hello to Pioneer 9!

It’s free to read, and it’s genuinely a treasure. Check it out here!

Anyways, I might hibernate until the next part comes out.

Until next time.