Woo! Time for an in-class assignment!

So, my partner for this assignment is “Don’t Ruin My Mood.” Without further ado, let’s dive in! I’ll be looking at how clear and easy to navigate the site is, and if the content lines up with what’s advertised.

Right off the bat, I noticed that the website itself doesn’t work unless you specify looking for the blog. I hope that’s an easy fix? I don’t know; Reclaim can be pretty tricky. But fortunately, if you add “/blog” to the end of the website, there it is!

If you want the truth, I totally thought this blog was for pick-me-ups. “Don’t ruin my mood” makes me think of mood boosters.

Then I read the subtitle: “It’s Really Very Easy.”

So like, yeah, that made it clear. I’d argue the website theme is relevant, if a bit hard to navigate. The header is a match, which I guess could reference the writer’s short fuse, but it’s also so big you have to scroll to see the website. Again, though, it’s appreciated!

From a design standpoint, I don’t have any other complaints. I love that there’s a little playlist for boosting your mood back up!

As for the content, I’ll be real, this concept had my curiosity piqued. Internet spaces dedicated to complaining aren’t anything new, but it’s always fun to see what irks one person in particular.

It’s also more a digital garden than a blog. As mentioned in one of our readings, digital gardens exist free of chronology. Like, while my site is all about periodical updates as to what I’m making and consuming, you can read Don’t Ruin My Mood in any order.

I honestly really appreciate websites like that, where I don’t have to deep-dive into the archive. Like, sure, they’re marked by week, but there’s no real need to follow that.

For the sake of review, I’ll be reading a couple of articles: this one about strangers, and this one about superheroes.

The strangers article, honestly, I loved. Maybe it’s the quarantine talking, but I almost miss those daily annoyances. I almost miss the weird old ladies who’d tap me on the shoulder when they had a question. I’d even take a strange grouch at this point.

I will say, the two things that kinda threw me off were both format-based, despite the writing being great. Again, the size of the images here kind of threw me for a loop; I had to scroll way down to get to the actual article (though the Kanye meme was pretty funny.)

Also, I feel like these kinds of articles would really benefit from some kind of opening paragraph. Some kind of flourish that sets the stage, you know? It feels like I’ve been dropped into the middle of a song. Fortunately, the format is easy enough to infer through, but even just having it in the title, like “The Top 4 Worst Kinds of Strangers,” would’ve gone a long way. Same for a conclusion: the article… just ends.

Luckily, the other article, the one about superheroes, fixed all of those complaints. Are they even complaints anymore, then? I’m not sure. And I really don’t have any new critiques, either: it’s another fun little listicle that’s straight to the point. These are totally fair critiques of the genre! And she’s right. The superhero genre does have a lot of issues, namely misogyny!

Finally, I took a look at the About page. Normally, I’d have a gripe with something so bare-bones, but again, this isn’t really a blog. It’s a cultivated space for one specific topic. And for this topic, all you really need to know is that this person’s got a temper and they love to share their feelings on whatever’s got them irked.

It’s a good blog, overall. There’re some little bugs here and there, but it’s definitely coming along, and it made me laugh, so that’s always a good sign.

Until next time!