Okay, so, first of all, I’ve had an idea. An idea regarding the format of my outward posts. Specifically, a way to make it more tolerant for anyone who’s reading this.

Especially folks from school, who probably don’t find my creative rants too exciting. Or maybe they do? I’m not sure!

Whatever the case, I feel like the least I owe everyone is a solid takeaway. So, both the Creating and the Consuming tabs are going to have a basic takeaway. The former will have a lesson, some kind of tip or trick or piece of advice that I’ve used. And the latter will be a regular ol’ content rec, from a Netflix flick to a video game.

I’ll be real, my peer review with Don’t Ruin My Mood gave me the push I needed. So, here’s to a structure that serves readers!

Every post, hopefully, will follow a simple skeleton: a TIP, a TRIAL, and a RECOMMENDATION. And I’ll try to keep the tips pretty broad and useful. Rest assured, I’m not going to give hyperspecific tips about music production or poetic word economy.

… Unless people want that. <3

Without further ado. Let’s try this out.


My tip of the week is something I always tell myself, but never actually follow. Hopefully, screaming it out in public will make that stubborn part of me listen.

Creativity is a process, and every process has its own skillset. Try not to juggle them all at once.

What I mean might not be immediately obvious, both because it’s rough to verbalize and because it’s frankly all I know. If I’m not multitasking, am I even alive?

But also, it’s important not to overwhelm yourself. The way I see it, every creative process uses a different part of you. I know I have First Draft Alex, who writes the first version of everything, and also Editor Alex, who makes sense of the former’s scribbles.

And they should never, ever meet.

If First Draft Alex is at work when Editor Alex walks in, everything stops. Suddenly, whatever I was doing isn’t good enough. It’s like whatever I make is being broadcast to thousands of people, and if I mess up, all of them will know.

This also goes the other way around: if I’m trying to revise something, and First Draft Alex bursts in, she’ll put herself between myself and my work, begging me not to kill her darlings.

Whenever these two meet, nothing gets done.

The tip here? Keep your brain trained on one process at a time! It’s harder than it sounds, but it really pays off.


Okay, so I’m still foggy on what I want “trial” to be, but I think I have an idea: it’s literally just going to be the result of my artistry over the past week. It’s something I’ve tried, something I’ve worked on, something I can share.

This week, I’ve been struggling to keep up with Formtober, the monthly art challenge I mentioned a while back. But between school, club stuff, and more serious artistic endeavours, it’s been easier said than done.

Of course, a lot of this is because I can’t take my own advice. I told myself that this month, I’d focus on generating stuff. Make first, revise later. Have fun. It’s an art challenge, nothing more than a list of prompts to get content out there.

And… I’ve sure been making stuff! My latest product is another musical venture, called Fairyland Falls Into Your Drink. Listen to it here, if you want!

This was a trial in every sense of the word. A few months ago, I bought FL Studio, a powerful music-making software. It was a birthday gift to myself. Before FL, I’d been bouncing between various free alternatives, struggling to do even the simplest of things. Now, it’s almost overwhelming how many options I have!

But I’m having fun, and Editor Alex is locked away. This is all new, and I’m going to learn by enjoying myself.

Also, I made song’s icon! Here’s a full version:


My latest obsession is actually not a book! What a change, I know.

No, it’s this lovely little Netflix Original called Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. The newest season actually came out this week!

First of all, the artstyle is so lively and distinct. I didn’t know how to feel about it at first, but it’s definitely grown on me.

Why Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts' coming out moment is so profound -  Polygon

Second of all, it deals with a lot of really fascinating topics in really fascinating ways. I can’t talk about much without spoiling stuff, but it’s all about family, specifically found family, and the goal of creating an inclusive new world.

Also, it’s probably one of the strongest examples of diversity in animation today. The boy on the left in this image, Benson, is gay. He actually says it, a few episodes in. LGBT rep in animation is definitely growing more common, but even then, it’s fairly low-key. It’s a last-minute kiss, or someone having two moms, if that. But Benson actually says he’s gay. He uses the word.

And the diversity goes beyond that! Almost the whole cast is people of colour, with Kipo, the main character, being mixed-race. Also, and this is probably one of my favourite things? The show uses all kinds of music. Rap, hip-hop, and at one point uses A Tribe Called Red, an Indigenous electronic group.

The craziest thing? It works REALLY well.

Overall, wow, this new format is fun. Hopefully it becomes more fluid and natural as time goes on? Because I’m enjoying it, but our whole class today was about UI/UX. Readers make the blog go ’round, y’know?

So, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. And if you didn’t, that’s totally fine! I’m learning with every new entry.

Anyways, I’m gonna finish Kipo.

Until next time!